Humans of Tuscaloosa

By Anaya Truss-Williams and Elise Foster



Photo and Coverage by Elise Foster

“I’m from Chicago, so I’m from thirteen hours away. […] There’s a really nice letter that comes in the mail about a week after you get accepted to the University of Alabama that says, ‘Hey, we want to give you scholarship money,’ and that was what got me down here for a visit. I wanted to get out of the Midwest, I especially wanted to get out of Illinois. I grew up in a small town. Everyone I knew there grew up two suburbs over and went to college in Illinois. There’s nothing wrong with that but I just wanted to see something very different from my own personal experience. So I was looking at a lot of colleges that were out-of-state and Alabama was the one that gave the most money. […] My brother grew up with some learning disabilities and yet he still graduated from college last year and he’s a teacher. He teaches in the inner-city of Milwaukee and he’s really, really awesome. He’s my best friend. He’s four years older than me and is a really good big brother and definitely is a person that has overcome a lot of obstacles and has inspired me to do the same on my own.”


Coverage by Elise Foster
Photo by Anaya Truss-Williams

“I am a rising freshman at the University. I visited the campus back in December and also saw UA at a college fair at my high school. My favorite color is blue but it’s going to be red pretty soon. The most inspirational people in my life are my parents. I am interested in studying Sports Journalism in the fall. I am trying to decide whether I want to go into print or broadcast. I’m excited.”


Photo and coverage by Anaya Truss-Williams

“I am from Northport. I teach here, I teach in the religious studies department. It seemed like my teachers growing up always enjoying themselves and in college, I found religion the most interesting topic.”


Photo by Anaya Truss-Williams
Coverage by Briana Michel and Anaya Truss-Williams

“I will watch the World Cup – Saudi Arabia versus Russia – on the TV at 10:00 [tomorrow]. It is our country. [In my country] I love the food, [specifically] kabsa, it is rice with lamb and chicken.”


Photo and coverage by Anaya Truss-Williams

“I am from Kuwait. From my friends, I heard about the school. They [told] me about the mechanical engineering degree. The King Mohammed from Kuwait [influences me].”


Photo and coverage by Anaya Truss-Williams

“I’m originally from Maryland. [I work in] the registrar’s office. I have three kids and four grandkids, they support me by making me laugh and loving me, especially my grandchildren.”